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Three by Three is out Now!


Three by Three came out, officially, on October 8th. The response has been absolutely insane! This is the first book of mine that has been published under my company, Purple Sun Media, so to see it do well means so much more to me than it normally would. Not only have the sales been great (Go get your copy now, if you haven't!) but it was even ranked over the weekend, giving me that sweet orange banner!

A screenshot of Three by Three with the orange "#1 in New Releases" banner

I've said it before, but this little book of poems means so much to me. As much as I love writing stories, this was the first time I've written and published something about my life. Getting to see the response to that has been completely and utterly overwhelming. Thank you to everyone who has purchased a copy!

There may or may not be more poetry in my future, but I cannot express enough how proud I am of Three by Three!

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