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The Prisons Covers!

I'm going to be honest: January kicked my ass a bit.

I moved into my new house, which I am so incredibly thankful and proud of. My best friend came to visit. Covid is still happening. And life is still happening. There is still issues with the A.C unit and checking the mail and losing socks in the dryer. Everything is happening so much, still.

That is to say, I wish I was more productive in January, but I'm happy with my month. I worked hard where I could and I relaxed when I needed it. I feel like every year I say I'm going to focus on self-care more, but I don't know how successful I've been with that.

So I'm taking some time to re-focus on needle movers and moving away from some more of the shallow, easy tasks. One of the big projects I've been working on for what seems like forever is almost ready-- all new covers for the Prisons!

Prison 917, Prison 456, and Prison 268 all have new covers, created by the incredibly talented Johannus M. Steger. The new covers will be out on Valentine's Day, so February 14th, 2021. I'm working on some of the promotional pieces right now and I have to say, seeing these covers makes me want to scream. They are so cool.

I do have a few other exciting things plans for this month that I'm still working on. I'm terrible at announcements or anything similar because, let's be honest-- I'm bad at enforcing my own deadlines on myself. I'm a bit of a push over like that. But, as long as life doesn't happen too much over the next few weeks, I should have some really cool stuff in store.

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