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Prison 268 and The Prisons

Wow, I've been gone for a while now. It was never my intention to be away from everything for so long, but I had a few personal things I had to deal with, and that pushed me behind schedule, so I had to really hustle to get some work done. That being said, Prison 268 has been finished for a little bit now and is officially coming out on April 8th, my birthday!

Prison 268 is really awesome. I think Heather has really grown as a character, and this is really her shining moment. I am a little sad to say goodbye to her, but I think the story ends in a good place. I'm really excited to see what everyone thinks.

I am also releasing The Prisons, which is a collection of all three novellas. I'm even more excited about this than I am about finishing the series. I worked really hard on all three stories, and to see them together in one book is just the coolest thing in the world to me.

As always, Prison 268 is coming out on Kindle as well as physical copies. The Prisons is only out as a physical book, but each of the novellas is still only 99 cents on Amazon, so you will still be able to access them.

The Kindle copy of Prison 268 is available for preorder right now on Amazon. Go ahead and click here if you are interested.

Other than that, I'm working on some cool stuff, but I don't know about the order in which I'm releasing things, so I'll let you know more as I do. In the meantime, read The Prisons and don't forget to leave a review on Amazon!

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