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2018 Goals

2017 feels like it flew by. While it wasn't a good year for the world in general, I did have an incredible year despite many things. August saw my first novella published, and November my second. I have worked really hard this year, and a lot of good has come of it. I'm hoping to keep that going into 2018!

Nothing is set in stone, and I have a lot of goals this year that aren't writing related. As far as my writing is concerned, I do have some goals I would like to accomplish.

I have a short story set in the world of Prison 917 that I would like to publish. This is still very much so a work in progress. It may become a novella, or a series of short stories, or maybe a ten page story I release for free. Who knows? I need to work on it and see what I end up with.

I also have started on the third and final part of Heather's story. I haven't settled on a name yet, but I would like to have that out in 2018 as well. I want it to be its own novella, and I am also working on combining the three stories into one book. We'll see how that goes.

The third major goal for me is a full fledged book. I have one already written (its about 300 pages right now), but that needs a LOT of work done to it. It is a story that I love, and have rewritten four times, so I really hope I can shape it into something I'm really proud of.

Aside from the general "become a better writer" sort of thing, those are my three major writing goals for 2018. I have no idea what the year has in store for me, but I'm hoping all good things!

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